Designtek has extensive knowledge, and working experience, in all phases of the design process. Whether you're starting with a concept idea, a paper sketch, or detailed layout, we can provide full design support.


Our design team members are specialists in utilizing 3D modeling to meet your design needs.

Reverse Engineering

Need an unobtainable part to get your machine up and running? Investigating a competitor’s product? When Designtek works on a reverse engineering project, we approach the process from the design functionality aspect. Measurement is always a good starting point, but nominal measurements don't take into account the original design tolerances. We do our best to replicate the form, fit and function of the reverse engineered part or product.

Turnkey Solutions

We will not only provide the design, but also build, condition and deliver a complete solution to your manufacturing dilemma.

Field Engineering Services

Many of our clients request our expertise in servicing their legacy manufacturing automation equipment, which has ceased to operate efficiently, correctly or, quite simply, at all.

Consulting Problem/Solution

One of Designtek's greatest strengths is the diversity its team members offer. Our team members can serve as on-site consultants to work with you on specific problems.

Rapid Prototyping

Designtek employs a full range of technologies in order to provide the rapid prototyping that best fulfills your application requirements in terms of accuracy, aesthetics, physical properties and cost.  Designtek owns a Stratasys fused-deposition 3D printer to help us quickly produce rapid prototype parts in ABS plastic.


Designtek utilizes Creo Parametric (Pro/Engineer), SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. If your CAD software is not listed, contact us.

Other Services Available:  Plotting and Drawing Model Conversion